We are Innovations and Ideas. That's what we do!

"We bring together good people & good ideas to work on good projects

...for the common good."

We are a private corporation that is part of the growing 'Open Innovation' trend to outsource ideation and visioneering processes.
We are also part of the non-transactional 'consultancy' model which is paid on results. We only get paid if you make or save money. Like a 'partner' or in-house entrepreneur.

make things better, whether it be products, services or processes. We are selective and only work with a few partners who align with our values and through word-of-mouth only.

Our passion is well-being and helping to develop innovative and entrepreneurial ways to accelerate climate solutions. People, processes and technology.
We believe that innovations that create market-driven solutions to solve the climate crisis, is what is working. Ask Elon!

We look to create solutions that are simple, have leveraged impacts and utilize existing resources, internally or through partnerships.
Ideally we recruit or form synergistic relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs that want to jointly develop new products and ventures. We de-risk the frontend start-up processes to validate market potential.

Our process revolves around a private climate-focused Thinktank that wants to put our minds together to accelerate simple and cost-effective GHG reduction solutions.

We plan to give back, and donate part of our time and profits, to seed the launch of innovative, climate initiatives and system improvements to help Government and NGO's do their jobs better with real-world climate outcomes.

Projects we are working on currently are INTERNAL projects as well as joint venture/innovation consulting with partners.

Some of our commercial work (Internal projects) are in stealth mode and project pages are only available to partners to view.

WE enourage others to join the climate innovations and open innovations movement to help bring thought leaders together with entrepreneurs of the future.

Email info (@) InnovationsandideasRus.com to contact us.